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Divaville Lounge now has a Facebook page! Visit and "like" our Facebook page to find out about upcoming theme shows, view playlists for past shows and learn about live DJ appearances by Sarah, Divaville Lounge's host. You can even make a request or comment during the show on Facebook!

Join Divaville Lounge's hostess with the mostest, Sarah, at a live swing dance this Thursday with the RDU Rent Party! RDU Rent Party hosts swing dances every Thursday night at 9 pm, and Divaville Lounge is there DJing about once a month. 

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to lindy hop to great tunes by Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Louis Jordan and more! Visit the RDU Rent Party website for information and directions, or find them on Facebook.

Update: Thanks to all the dancers at the Rent Party for making it such a fun night! Click here to read the set list from last night's dance, and hope to see you there next time!


New Audio Promos

Looking for a brief taste of what Divaville Lounge has to offer? Not sure when the show is on or what kind of music we play? Check out these audio promos:

"Let's Misbehave" by Irving Aaronson and His Commanders, recorded 1928. (direct link)

"Mr. Ghost Goes to Town" by the John Buzon Trio. (direct link)

"Hot Toddy" by Julie London. (direct link)

"Corazon de Melon" by Rosemary Clooney & Perez Prado Orchestra. (direct link)

"I Hear Music" by Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra. (direct link)

"Jumpin' at the Record Shop" by Slim Gaillard. (direct link)

At the Divaville Lounge we're always interested in finding out about great overlooked music. That's why we're thrilled to link to several websites whose mission is to share little-known holiday music from years past.

These sites collect holiday music on vinyl, then digitize the songs and post them online for you and me to download. If you are concerned about music piracy, rest assured that they are all careful not to post any music which has ever been available on CD. They only share old songs which literally cannot be bought, making them a great place for guilt-free downloading.

These are the Divaville Lounge's favorite Christmas sharing sites:
Ernie Not Bert
Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else

Check them out!

Sita Sings the Blues is a new animated movie which tells the classic Indian story of Rama and Sita, using the music of 1920s jazz singer Annette Hanshaw. The movie is funny, touching, and beautifully illustrated. Best of all, the Annette Hanshaw songs aren't just background music, but are integrated into the story.

Sita Sings the Blues is a must-see for anyone who loves 1920s jazz, and Sarah will be giving away free DVDs of the movie during Divaville Lounge! Tune in to the show to find out how to receive your free DVD. Or visit for information about downloading the movie (under a Creative Commons license) and creating your own DVD.

Do you ever wish Divaville Lounge was on the air other times besides Sunday afternoons? Now you can listen to swellegant music anytime you want, at the Divaville Lounge channel on's free internet radio!

It's easy to listen:
* Visit and sign up.
* Go to the "Share" menu at the top of the window and choose "Find a Shared Station."
* Type in Divaville Lounge and click search.

This Pandora channel is the music Sarah listens to every day. You can make the channel your own by clicking "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on each song. Pandora will learn your taste and play more music like the songs you like.

Do you have your own Pandora channel? Tell me the name; I'd love to hear your favorite music!

Singer and Divaville Lounge favorite Blossom Dearie died on February 7. Dearie began her career in Paris in the early 1950s, recorded dozens of albums, and continued performing until last year. Tune into the February 15 program for a tribute to her music.

MGM star Ricardo Montalban died on January 14. Turner Classic Movies will be airing a tribute to Montalban with seven of his movies on Friday, January 23. The movies will include Divaville Lounge favorites Fiesta, Neptune's Daughter, Latin Lovers, and Battleground. Click here for the schedule of TCM's Ricardo Montalban tribute.


Eartha Kitt 1927-2008

Eartha Kitt died on Christmas Day, December 25 2008.

Eartha is a longtime favorite of Divaville Lounge, and we will do an extended tribute to her work on the January 4 program.

Farewell, Eartha.


Interview Podcasts

The Divaville Lounge's two-part interview program is available as a podcast! To listen to the podcast, visit the iTunes Music store and search for "divaville". Or, you can download the podcasts from this website:

Click here for the 25 May 2008 interview with Derick Ovenall.
Click here for the 1 June 2008 interview with Giuseppe Bucca.

Note that the podcast includes only the interview portion of the program. Due to licensing issues, WXDU cannot podcast copyrighted music.

Frank Sinatra fans, take note: in May, Turner Classic Movies will be featuring Sinatra every Wednesday and Sunday night, with over 40 movies and musical specials. They'll show his most famous movies like Ocean's Eleven and From Here to Eternity, lesser known films like Higher and Higher and It Happened in Brooklyn, plus rare musical programs. Check for a complete schedule.


Schedule Change

The Divaville Lounge schedule will be changing: on January 27, the show will begin at 2 pm and air from 2-4 (instead of its current time slot of 3-5 pm). Be sure to tune in an hour early, beginning January 27!


Poll: Theme Shows

After the Latin a la Lounge show, I'd like to make specialty or "theme" shows a regular part of Divaville Lounge. Once every month or two I'll plan a show around a theme or topic. I want to know what you think, and what you'd enjoy hearing! Send me an email or post a comment with your thoughts on theme shows.

What kind of theme shows would you like to hear in the future? Select all that apply:
1. Another "Latin a la Lounge"
2. Other styles of music such as big band, lounge/exotica, hot jazz
3. Guest co-hosts
4. Tributes to individual singers or composers
5. Topical, i.e. patriotic songs on July 4th, songs about food on Thanksgiving, etc.
6. I have an even better theme show idea (tell me!)
7. None, I hate theme shows!


Return of Divaville

Good news for fans of the original Divaville: Christa has found a new home for Divaville at KMHD Portland. Divaville will be back on the air starting Wed. September 12 from 9 to 11 pm eastern time. Visit her website at for more information. Now you can get a double dose of Divaville Lounge on Sunday afternoons and original Divaville on Wednesday evenings!

For years Christa Wessel has brought swellegant music to the Triangle every week, on her WXDU Durham radio show Divaville. Divaville features classic jazz and pop vocalists from the 1920's through the 1960's like Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and of course Betty Hutton. Alas, Christa will be leaving the area in July 2007, and can no longer continue hosting Divaville.

Divaville Lounge is the follow-up show to Divaville: the same great jazz and pop vocalists, the same schedule (Sunday afternoons from 3 to 5 pm), with a new host: Sarah Ovenall. Longtime guest host of Divaville, Sarah is excited to continue the Divaville tradition. Divaville Lounge's first air date will be July 22 at 3 pm.