"I'm Hip"

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mel_torme.jpgThis composition by Dave Frishberg and Bob Dorough is a hilarious sendup of self-conscious hipsters. Anyone who has ever slavishly followed trends or pretended to be cooler than they really felt will recognize themselves in this song. I'm not talking about me, mind. No sir! I mean some, um, hypothetical other person who might have posed as cool at some time in the past.

"I'm Hip" has been done by Blossom Dearie, Bette Midler and Barry Manilow, but by far the best performance is by Mel Tormé. The song appears on his live albums Instant Party: Just Add Mel Tormé and An Evening at Charlie's. If all you've heard from Mel Tormé is the Velvet Fog, if you don't know how much he could swing or how funny he was, "I'm Hip" will be a revelation. Check it out!

Click here to hear a clip from "I'm Hip." (MP3 file)

Lyrics for "I'm Hip":

I'm hip. I'm no square.
I'm alert, I'm awake, I'm aware.
I am on top of every scene.
Makin' the rounds, diggin' the sounds.
I read People Magazine.
'Cuz I'm hip.

I dig! I'm in step.
When it was hip to be hep, I was hep.
I don't blow but I'm a fan.
Look at me swing. Ring a ding ding.
I even call my girlfriend "man,"
'cuz I'm hip.

Every Saturday night
with my suit buttoned tight and my suedes on
I'm gettin' my kicks
diggin' arty French flicks with my shades on.

I'm too much. I'm a gas.
I am anything but middle class.
When I hang around the band,
poppin' my thumbs, diggin' the drums,
squares don't seem to understand
why I flip. They're not hip that I'm hip.

Salt peanuts, salt peanuts! Salt peanuts, salt peanuts!

My God, I'm hip! I'm alive.
I enjoy any joint where there's jive.

I'm on top of every trend.
Look at me go. Vo-dee-o-do.
John Travolta knows my friend.
I'm so hip.

I'm hip, but not weird.
Like, you notice, I don't wear a beard.
Beards were in but now they're out.
They had their day. Now they're passe.
Just ask me if you're in doubt,
'cuz I'm hip.

Now I'm deep into Zen
meditation and macrobiotics,
and as soon as I can
I intend to get into narcotics.

I'm cool as a cuke.
I'm a cat, I'm a card, I'm a kook.
I get so much out of life.
Really, I do. Skoo dee doo doo.
One more time play "Mack the Knife."
Let 'er rip. I may flip, 'cuz I'm hip.

Salt peanuts, salt peanuts! Salt peanuts, salt peanuts!
I'm hip!

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